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The Airave came today I set it up and I have error lights going on. The sys light is flashing and no GPS. Now it’s not activated I wanted to get it setup before calling as it says. Is this the reason I have error messages? Does it need to be activated first? I plan to call in the morning to get it moving. To make it easier for others to locate valuable “first setup” steps, I have added this information here. Smoke this over and if anyone reading this needs any more support, by all means post here and you will get help. We can add to this quick list as needed, just send me a PM and I can add to or delete if necessary. Insure Sprint has activated the device on your Sprint account.

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Mobile Accessories Sprint Airave Since a cell phone is practically useless without good signal strength, a signal booster is sometimes required to boost it. However, Sprint has decided to release device to boost the signal of Sprint phones, and it’s called the Airave, made by Samsung. We found that it worked as promised. Out of the box, the Airave looks like an ordinary wireless router.

On the back are an Ethernet jack, a charger jack, the power switch, a GPS socket, and an antenna that can rotate up to degrees for better performance.

Apr 27,  · Original hookup as in the hookup directions was cable modem to Airave to wireless modem. The origianal hookup shut down just about all downloads, and Youtube would not olay the music but the ads would work : Resolved.

Monday I wrote about Sprint’s Airave femtocell where they provide unlimited calling to and from the same CDMA phone as long as callers are in range of the cell. My personal attraction to the device was to cover the poor reception that I receive around my home. The Sprint Customer Retention department suggested solving the problem by roaming since Verizon’s coverage is much better. Although their remedy would have solved my voice reception problems, I would still have limited to no EV-DO access.

My response back to the representative was, “Why would I maintain an account with Sprint for a crippled service when I could switch to Verizon and have it all? A picture of my fully functional Airave taken by my Sprint phone and posted directly to my blog through the femtocell. Moments later Sprint’s Technical Support group Tier 1 called back and was appalled at Customer Retention’s suggestion to roam on the Verizon network.

She recommended picking up an Airave at my local Sprint retail outlet. A few hours later, I drove to the Longmont Sprint store to pick up a free Airave adapter. The store manager and a salesman struggled for 30 minutes to just scan the ESN and add the service to my account. I thought I would activate the product during my drive to Denver Wednesday evening.

Sprint Wifi AC Router *Wi-Fi Connect* Asus AC66u – Free for “eligible” postpaid accounts

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The Sprint Airave is an in-home tower that uses your internet connection to route and receive calls and 3G data. This is extremely useful if, like me, you live next to an absurdly overloaded Sprint tower that fails to deliver calls inbound. It includes a GPS receiver, so it knows where you are at and can coordinate with the closest towers for hand-offs at least theoretically. I got this in the middle of December, back when I was missing about half my phone calls, and it worked pretty well for about two months.

I encouraged my friend who lives in a basement to look into one, as well, and she ended up getting it. Then weird things started happening. The Sprint Airave becomes an island unto itself. One of the qualities the Sprint Airave 2. As I walk out my door, I can get about two houses down and kiss the call goodbye. The Sprint Airave works great, when it wants to.

Review: Samsung Airave

Cannot make a 5 minute call without multiple drops. Text messages are delayed for hours. Emails cannot be sent. Sprint refuses to support Arizona in any way and will lie to you repeatedly. Do not trust them in Arizona.

Don’t hookup your router through the Airave! That will give you double-NAT. The LAN port on the Airave (if yours has one) is for routerless setups. Hook up the WAN port on your router to the modem. Hook up the WAN port on the Airave to one of your router’s LAN ports. Do not use the Airave’s LAN port.

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I agree that a quick explanation of the difference between Preware and Quick Install is warranted at the beginning. You can note that both require an initial USB hookup. Considering the confusion that continues to reign among a small number of posters, I hope the instruction to type the konami code into the “start screen” is sufficient. It should be, but some people surprise me. Also, the code should be typed onto the phone’s start screen not the Pre’s, since you’re writing for the both Pre and the Pixi.

Same with the instruction to connect the USB cable to the computer and select “Just Charge” when prompted by the phone. Remix has 25 features the basic Music Player is missing! In the Getting Help section, could you mention how helpful it is for help requests to include basic information about the problem and what the OP has done to address it? Just basic stuff like version info, detailed descriptions of what they’ve done “I then selected USB drive” makes it so easy to help , and a description of fixes already attempted.

Thanks for taking the time to compile this information. And thanks for seeking my comments.

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There’s a fix for that, but it takes a few steps. Read on to learn how to get your iPhone 6 up and running with a MicroCell. There’s a fix for that. The device connects to your network and acts like a mini cell tower.

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Unfortunately, even if you should have coverage, it’s possible that the cell phone signal in your home, office or vehicle won’t be quite strong enough to support 4G speeds. If you have this problem, then we want to help. We’ve put together this guide to explain what 4G is and how you can boost your cell phone signal to eliminate poor reception and increase data speeds. What is a Signal Booster? A signal booster is a system that takes the best possible cellular signal in your area, such as outside your home, and then amplifies it to an area which does not have sufficient signal, such as inside your home.

It uses a combination of an external antenna, signal amplifier and internal antenna to achieve this. Compatibility with 3G While all iPhone 5 devices are able to use the 3G networks of their respective carriers, 3G devices are not able to use 4G networks. This is important when choosing a signal booster, since boosting a 4G signal might be benficial to your iPhone 5, but will not help 3G phones or 4G phones from a different carrier.

Sprint AIRAVE Sigal booster