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And Also a Sequel to Legends of Chima. The Lion Tribe’s government consists of a monarch and the Council of Elders. The Lion Tribe’s vehicles, buildings, and monuments are often colored in an orange-yellow with brown manes and tan accents. As the series progresses, he is shown to be more wiser. He is courageous, adventurous, headstrong and often gets into trouble, especially since he’s responsible for the existence of the Dark Tribes. He lived in exile for less than a day, but he returned to help his father. In Episode 31, he fell in love with Li’ella at first sight. He gets nervous around her especially since Tormak is her adopted father.

LEGO Legends of Chima Eris’ Feueradler (70142)

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Laval and Eris’ friendship during Season 2 is much the same as it was in the first season. They have a very strong bond and are supportive of each other, although they interact a little less now that they are traveling with Gorzan, Cragger, Razar, Bladvic, Worriz, Rogon, Rinona, and Lavertus.

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LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey – Nintendo 3DS

If you have been watching the Legends of Chima series on Cartoon Network, you know that after a lot of squabbling between the animal tribes especially the lions and the crocs , they finally united when the Chi-falls seemingly dried up. Together they have decided to go the dangerous and unknown Outlands to find the Legend Beasts, hoping they will be able to help to restart the life-sustaining Chi. The lions Laval, Lavertus, and ShadoWind who is finally revealed as a member of the lion tribe.

Then there is Eris the eagle, Rinora and Rogon the rhinos, Cragger the crocodile, and Gorzan from the gorilla tribe.

Laval and Eris may have had a romantic relationship sometime in season one, but by season 2, Eris had interest in someone else. Laval and Eris have been very good friends since then. But Eris was mad when Laval got a girlfriend. It started to break apart their friendship. Eris and Cragger Edit. Eris and Cragger only have one thing in common, their mutual friend Laval. Eris and Cragger have tolerated each other .

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Even though her and Nick remain in the police department, they will answer the call to fight for something greater if Alex needs them. This lion prince is still as brave and fun as ever, spending his time riding his speedor and keeping his skills sharp.

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Single-player , multiplayer Lego Legends of Chima: The game was also released on the Nintendo DS on 31 August Gameplay As with other Lego games, the gameplay is platform based with characters having a unique set of skills to help them progress through the levels in different ways. While the game starts out with the player controlling Laval as the main player, more characters become playable as the game progresses. There are more than 60 playable characters in Lego Legends of Chima: Any tribe of Chima may be played, including lions, eagles, gorillas, rhinos, crocs, bears, ravens and nomads such as Skinnet.

The centre features eris and laval dating ski slopes, two anchor-type ski adn, a childrens slope and a childrens ski lift, a skiing and winter biathlon stadium, a campfire site, a Wide hut, a hillside coffee shop and a summer theatre.

Plovar the Plover The members of the factions fiercely battle over a powerful natural resource called Chi, which could allow its possessor to create or destroy. Best friends are now enemies. The animals fight for control of a natural resource called CHI, a powerful element that is both a source of life and potential destruction.

Laval brings Cragger into the temple. Cragger does not listen to Laval’s advice and slips a Chi into his chest. Cragger says to Laval: King Crominus, Cragger’s father, and Crunket, Cragger’s mother, go to the Lion Chi temple to recover their son, but it turns to a heated debate.

The New Legends of Chima

Laval and Cragger have been friends forever. Their friendship got rocky when Crooler the Crocodile uses a persuader plant to turn Cragger evil in season 1. After she was busted, everything went back to normal.

I see hope, I see joy, I see the power of nature, the world in balance, the spirit of our friendship. I see the Legends of Chima!”” Laval is a Legends of Chima minifigure release.

He may want others to see him as a powerful and responsible adult, but he’s still a big kid at heart. Duty doesn’t always take priority over having a good time. But what’s the harm in pulling a little prank every so often? Like a lot of kids, he has an insatiable curiosty and a relentless flair for challenging the rules. This can be a problem since the Lions are all about following and challenging the rules.

Can Laval figure this out and become the great warrior and leader his tribe expects of him? But the battles over CHI have helped him to grow up a little bit. While he still loves nothing more than a new adventure or a chance to have fun, he also understands more about the duties and responsibilities of a prince. He showed that by his willingness to put the past aside and ally with Cragger against a common threat.

Legendy Chima

Eris and Cragger got Laval into his room. Cragger ran out the room to get a doctor to help Laval. Just then Cragger came in with a doctor. The doctor did some test on him, “will he be okay? As the doctor did some more tests on him Lagravis came in. The doctor excused himself and left the room.

The almighty life force of Chima.” ―Lagravis Legends of Chima: The Animated Series Theme Legends of Chima Legends of Chima: The Animated Series is a TV series that began “My son Laval, for the first time, you shall take an Orb of Chi, place it in your chest, and feel the power of nature itself.

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Legendy Chima

Si nasconde con una maschera da facocero sotto lo pseudonimo di ShadoWind, per aiutare Chima e la sua famiglia. Cieco d’un occhio, un tempo era il migliore amico di Laval e i due si consideravano quasi fratelli. Tuttavia, nella seconda parte della stagione, il fiore avvizzisce e Cragger torna amico di Laval. Fino a quando la sorella non usa la radice del fiore per far ritornare Cragger malvagio, ma a suo discapito:

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This article is about the relationship between Laval and Eris. Contents [ show ] Overview Laval and Eris have been friends for a very long time, and became best friends after Cragger became temporarily evil. It is hinted that they may have stronger feelings for each other, but they do not actually say it aloud to anyone. Both of them share common ideas on peace in Chima, and they enjoy going on adventures together, but Eris often has to cheer Laval up when he whines about chores and fights.

Eris is always there for Laval when he needs help, and Laval is eager to do the same for her. Many residents of Chima see them as a couple, but they both immediately deny that they like each other in that way. In some ways this makes it seem like they do in fact have crushes on each other since they act very awkward afterwards. In one of Eris’ biographies it states that she has a secret crush on Laval at least since the start of Season 1.

Season 1 In the first season, Eris and Laval are almost always seen together, whether in battles, quests, gatherings, or just hanging out or partying. In the episode The Warrior Within , Cragger when he was under Crooler’s manipulation by using a Persuader Plant calls Eris Laval’s girlfriend, which embarrasses them both. The Joy Ride is one of the episodes in which they spend the most leisure time together. They drive around Chima having a mostly fun time except when they get stuck or crash.

They often tease and flirt with each other about their bad driving and navigational skills.

LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey

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Laval is a warrior and the prince of the Lion Tribe in Chima. He is the son of Lagravis (his mother is not mentioned in the series) and an accomplished Speedor racer. He is the son of Lagravis (his mother is not mentioned in the series) and an accomplished Speedor (s): Fire Valious, Shado Valious, Skolder, Skroar, Royal Shield, Jahak, CHI Bangers, Spear.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy: Triple CHI legend Platinum: CHI up a character from each tribe. Destroy all the traps in Wolf Camp with the rock on mechanics. Leaps and Bounds Gold: Perform five CHI jumps in a row as Laval. Pick up 20, studs as Eris. Unleash the Power Gold: Defeat 5 enemies as Furtivo the Fox. Defeat 10 Wolves in Eagle Town using Worriz.

Lego Legends of Chima: Le Voyage de Laval DS

Video Link Overview The story begins at a jousting tournament, to decide which tribe will take possession of the Golden Chi orb. The final round sees Laval facing off against Cragger, who uses an elongated lance to win the duel. Laval is annoyed that Cragger keeps “cheating his way to victory”. Shortly after the tournament has ended, a bright light is seen at the top of nearby Spiral Mountain.

Season 1[ edit ] When young Prince Cragger loses his parents in the Gorge of Eternal Depth and becomes king of the Crocodile Tribe, his sister Crooler uses Persuader Plants to force him to do whatever she wants mostly destroy the Lions. His former best friend, Prince Laval of the Lion Tribe, becomes his worst enemy. Thus, a terrible war breaks out between the eight animal tribes over the powerful Chi, a substance that can both sustain life and destroy it. Before the final battle a black cloud stops the Chi falls making Cragger blame Laval for it.

At the final battle, since Crooler has run out of Persuader Plants and Laval fakes his death, Cragger is emotionally moved and apologizes for everything he has done. It turns out that Laval faked his death to find the Crocodile legend beast, along with Cragger’s mother. Season 2[ edit ] When the Crawlers use the advantages of the war for the Chi to steal the Chi from Mount Cavora, the eight heroes of Chima must travel to the Outlands to rescue the eight Legend Beasts, which are the keys to restarting Mount Cavora.

After the defeat of the Crawlers, Chima becomes a peaceful land, but not for long. Season 3[ edit ] As a threat of the Ancient Hunter Tribes emerge, the heroes of Chima must find the legendary Fire tribes and unlock the new Fire CHI power to turn up the heat and stop the Ice tribes from freezing all of Chima. Towards the end of the battles with the Hunter Tribes, the heroes begin their quest for the 8 technically 9 Fire Wings, the only things powerful enough to stop the Hunter Tribes.

The heroes eventually find all 9 and spark another Great Illumination. Because of this, everything is fixed.

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